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Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm still here!

Sorry for the crappyness in keeping up with this. This list is still in the back of my mind and I am mentally crossing things off as I go.

I get to offically cross two things off the list!

I got two new fantastic pillows! I adore them and they are so fluffy and perfect. It's the little things that make and keep us happy.. right? :)

I also baked cookies from scratch this Christmas. I had a blast and my cookies turned out great, this is something I am going to do more often.

I made Chocolate Mint Cookies (they were a big hit!) and Eggnog Cookies (so tasty!). I also made rice krispie treats and Peppermint Brittle.

I didn't get pictures, but trust me, they were perfect! :)

I also read a second book for #92, ready 20 books from the best of the decade list I have bookmarked. I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it was an awesome book! I got a Kindle for Christmas and it has totally sparked my book worm side again! I'm reading the 2nd book in the series (The Girl Who Played With Fire) right now. It's not on the list, but the third book in the series is, so that will be #3 done soon!

Date nights with my husband have been kept up as well. The best was our date nights in October in Las Vegas. What an awesome trip and we totally rekindled our relationship there. I love that man. <3

Monday, September 27, 2010

#75 done!

75. Spend a weekend in Portland.

Portland sort of fell into my lap! My Aunt and Uncle and two cousins were coming for a wedding from Florida. My Grandparents were coming to spend a weekend with them from Grants Pass, OR. So my Dad, Peyton and I decided to join them for the weekend as well!

We saw some sights, spent time with family, ate Saint Cupcakes, did some shopping, and went to the Oregon Zoo. All in all a fun filled weekend.

Also, I finished reading Live, Laugh, Love - one of my books for # 92. I adored this book. It makes me want to learn to meditate. :) I highly suggest reading it if you haven't already.

Now I am starting the Hunger Games.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#66 Done!!!

66. Cancel unnecessary monthly bills.

The last two days I cancelled the three bills coming out monthly that are pointless. One I don't even know what it was and it took some research to figure it out. Once I figured it out I even convinced them to refund me the last payment they took out, considering it was a scam! Nothing I even signed up for.
I also cancelled Neopets Premium. Yeah. Neopets. I haven't played that in years. I was always to "old" to play it. I'm a dork. :)

Finally, I went and cancelled my gym membership. Again, I haven't used the gym in years. I don't have the time. I'd rather do stuff at home and in the free gym at my work. 

$55 saved per month!! 

I am also setting aside $20 from my paycheck on Monday (working on #63 -  Save $20 for each item I complete on this list.)

It feels so good to FINALLY cross something off of this list! Yay!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I haven't forgotten...

I feel weird that I have yet to cross off ONE item from my list. I have several in the works though. I have completed 24 days of my Project 365 blog as of today. I also just finished day 2 of the 30 Day Shred. I'm also about half way thru reading Eat, Pray, Love (from the best books of the decade list I found) and am well on my way to my goal weight.

I hope to make something from scratch this weekend (my list has cookies, cake, and pancakes). Peyton really likes cooking with me so this should be a fun weekend activity.

A lot of my list items cost money. I'm currently trying to save up money for our trip to Vegas (one month from today!) so those will have to hold off for now. But soon!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well on my way....

to my goal weight. I am currently 148. I started at 172. I lost 10 then sat at 162 for quite awhile until I started WW recently. It's a slow loss, but it's going away. My GW is 130.

Here I was (in Port Angeles WA on the way back from Forks!)
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And here I am now (on the right. The left is my beautiful cousin!)

It's not the easiest thing I've done. It takes work, but looking at these two pictures makes me realize how worth it is is! <3 I cannot wait to cross this one off of my list!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Date Night #1

I had our first date night that can count to the 33 total I want to have over the course of the next 1001 days. (More than 33 would be great, but thats a minimum!)

The reason this is on my list is because while I know my husband and I have a wonderful relationship, I feel we have lost a bit of "us" because our focus is on Peyton and not each other. It's nice to have nights and refocus on us.

We went out with our friends Jody and Travis and had dinner and drinks at The Trainwreck. Great food, one too many shots, and great friends. Date night number one was a total success!

I also have 14 days down in Project 365 and my Wreck This Journal finally came in the mail yesterday. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

#1.. almost!

I completed a 10k this morning. It felt amazing. My time was not the best. I had to walk some (hence why I don't get to cross it off.. yet!)

That was such a huge feat for me. I was so nervous about it. After the first 2 miles I thought there was absolutely no way I could possibly go another 4.2 miles. But I did. I am so very proud of myself. This is the first of many 10ks (5k's, half marathons.. marathons???) to come hopefully!

Maybe with the next 10k I will be able to mark this off. I'm off to go find the next one to register for right now!

"Even if you fall flat on your face·at least you are moving forward."